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About Us

Tu Nidito is dedicated to its mission of creating a community of acceptance, support, and understanding regarding children in grief. It is our vision that no child grieves alone.

More than 15 years ago, Tu Nidito filled a need in our community by building a successful non-profit agency dedicated to supporting children impacted by serious medical conditions and death. Since then, Tu Nidito has served the needs of our community’s children and has experienced phenomenal growth. In our first year of service we provided support to 12 dying children and their families.

Last year, through programs of individual and group support, Tu Nidito cared for nearly 800 children. Today we remain the only agency in Southern Arizona dedicated to providing a comprehensive continuum of child-centered care to children whose lives have been impacted by serious medical conditions or death.  It seems so sensible that children and families would not have to go through these difficult times alone, but without Tu Nidito, many of our families would. There is no other agency that provides on-going support to children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling or other loved one. There is no other agency that stays with an ill child and their family from time of diagnosis, through all of the changes in prognosis, and if that child’s medical condition results in a death, throughout the grieving process.

There is no other agency that provides support to children who have a parent diagnosed with cancer or other serious medical condition. All of our services are provided at no cost to the families that need us.  In 2012, Tu Nidito supported 790 children and their families through seven core programs. Tu Nidito is proud that more than 86% of every dollar donated goes directly to care for Southern Arizona’s children in their time of need.