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Tu Nidito is a Safe Place...

where children, teens, young adults and families find comfort, hope and support while they are grieving the diagnosis of a serious medical condition or the death of a loved one. All programs are offered in English and Spanish, at no cost to children and families.


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For children and families grieving the death of a loved one.

For children and families dealing with the serious medical condition of a child or parent.

Volunteering with Tu Nidito

Tu Nidito depends on the hard work and support of volunteers to ensure no child grieves alone.

I think this program is great and my family depends on the group to get through our grief journey. It resets our mindset in a positive way.
Tu Nidito has encouraged our family to have open and honest conversations about our feelings and our future!
Tu Nidito has been an incredible resource to our family. This experience has helped us ask for help. We are so grateful.
Being with Tu Nidito, helps us to know that we are helping get our kids the best support they need. We are very blessed something like this program exists because we feel stronger as a family to communicate through this process.
Such a special and needed service for children who are grieving and I feel grateful to be able to come to Tu Nidito.
Tu Nidito is amazing. Tucson is very lucky to have a healing place like this.
Tu Nidito is a valuable resource to grieving children and families in the community. Many people who attend have no other support systems for their grief and their children's grief.
I truly appreciate the staff and their willingness to help point you in the right direction when you are feeling stuck. The amount of support I've received is immeasurable.

You can support a grieving child for free by using the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Arizona Taxpayers can donate up to $800 as a couple ($400 individual).

You can be the difference for a grieving child.