Frequently Asked Questions

To create a community of acceptance and understanding regarding children in grief.

No child grieves alone. 

  • Support groups for families who have a child 3 ½ to 18 grieving the death of someone significant to them.
  • Support groups for families who are grieving a serious medical condition diagnosis of an adult caregiver.
  • Support group for Young Adults 18-39 grieving the death of someone significant.
  • Home or community based one-on-one support sessions for families who have a child, birth to age 18, diagnosed with a serious medical condition.
  • Community Education and Grief Intervention programs.
  • Support groups are held Monday through Thursday of each week. Families are required to complete an intake and paperwork prior to attending their assigned group.
  • Groups meet twice monthly, in-person at Tu Nidito. As of Fall 2021, meetings are taking place outdoors with masks required. Alternatively, participants can choose to attend a Zoom group once per month.

Each family is different depending on their needs. Visits can range from several times per week to weekly or even monthly. 

Tu Nidito defines a serious medical condition as a progressive, degenerative or malignant medical condition that indicates a strong possibility of the child’s life being endangered or significantly impacted. Due to Tu Nidito’s need for some parameter of service, chronic, long-term diagnoses/conditions (where the child is expected to live well into adulthood) are not generally enrolled in services. These are considered on a case by case basis. Examples of such conditions are asthma, diabetes and chromosomal/genetic diseases.

  • Legal guardians can fill out the Referral Inquiry Form  and someone will call you back within 24 hours. Or, you can call Tu Nidito at 520-322-9155. 
  • Anyone can make a referral as long as the legal guardian has given permission via the website or by phoning Tu Nidito.​

Tu Nidito works hard to avoid having a waiting list for services.

  • For support group only, you will be asked to make an appointment with Tu Nidito for an in-person or virtual intake at Tu Nidito and complete some paperwork.  During your intake you and your family will get a tour of Tu Nidito and learn more about what to expect from your experience. Once your paperwork is complete you will be placed into a support group night depending on your availability and reason for coming to Tu Nidito.
  • Families with a seriously ill child referred will be contacted by a Support Specialist within 24 hours of referral. The Support Specialist can contact you virtually or come to your home, hospital or another location outside of Tu Nidito to meet you, explain services and determine your family’s needs.

In 2020 Tu Nidito supported 325 families representing 550 children and 405 adults. An additional 35 young adults were supported and over 1,100 community members received education or intervention services.

All Tu Nidito services are offered at no cost.

Direct care volunteers work with children, teens and/or caregivers impacted by serious medical conditions or death. Direct roles include: Support Group Facilitators, One on One Volunteers and Interns. Internship positions are available for indirect care as well. Direct care volunteers must be at least 16 years old (except where otherwise indicated), complete all required paperwork, pass a background check, participate in an introductory interview, participate in all required training and a post-training, and make a minimum commitment of 1 year. For direct care volunteers, previous experience working with children, teens or families around grief, trauma, or through group facilitation is preferred, but not required. What is required is responsibility, compassion, adaptability, a joy for work with others, strong communication skills, and the ability to learn and implement our model.

See our Volunteer page for more information.

This really depends on the family and the circumstance.  However, our outcomes over the past many years show that the most optimal time in a support group is about one year to a maximum 18 months.  We do, however, have some families who, because of other life circumstances, participate longer than 18 months.

For families with a seriously ill child, Tu Nidito services last for as long as the family needs support and can range from nine months to multiple years.

A family can call and start the process of information gathering as soon as they feel ready. Each family is unique and each family member grieves differently. We will provide information about our program and offer our insights, but each family is the “expert” of their own grief. We respect their decision to start when the time is right.