Tu Nidito Board Members 2020-2021

Tu Nidito is led by a dedicated, diverse volunteer board of directors. The Board supports the work of Tu Nidito and provides mission-based leadership, advocacy and strategic governance. Board members are elected annually and may serve two terms of three years each.

Executive Committee

“As a mother of two young children, I appreciate the comfort, support and hope that Tu Nidito provides to the children in our community when they or someone they love has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition.”
Aditi Gupta, Board President
Morgan Stanley
“As Tu Nidito supports young people and their families, it is really creating a strength in our community through a web of compassion, connection, and resilience. I love being a part of this.”
Heather Bachman, Co-Vice President
El Rio Health
“Tu Nidito is a great organization with local impact and I look forward to bringing further exposure about Tu Nidito to my peers and company.”
Richard Thompson, Co-Vice President
Caterpillar, Inc.
“I value the unique services Tu Nidito provides and am proud to be a part of this amazing organization.”
Eric Maneval, Treasurer
Beach Fleischman PC
“I feel a strong connection to the mission of Tu Nidito and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the community of support for our kids as they move through their grief journey.”
Jenna Elmer, SPHR, Secretary
U of A Facilities Management
“It is wonderful to be able to give back to the community. Tu Nidito’s mission resonates with me and I am honored to be a part of it.”
Supriya Bakshi
New York Life

Board Members

“Having been involved with Tu Nidito for over 10 years, I have reconfirmed the fact that we are unwavering in our commitment to children and their families, not willing to compromise in any way.”
Charlie Bowles
Bowles Realty & Investments
“I am the grown-up version of some of the kids that are helped by Tu Nidito. I’d like kids to be able to feel safe in their little nest so they don’t go through what I went through."
Gabriela Cervantes
Snell & Wilmer
“It’s not easy to grieve, it never leaves you, no matter what age you are. It is nice to be a part of this organization that provides such transformational work in Tucson.”
Miguel Cruz
Tucson Federal Credit Union
“When someone we love dies our foundation can feel shattered. To accompany a child as they find their footing and realize their resilience all while having fun with other children is truly a privilege and a gift. It is my pleasure to serve our families. I believe we are changing the course of children’s lives at Tu Nidito.”
Amber Jacoby
Grief Practitioner/Coach
“Grieving is difficult enough for adults with all the right tools and support, it is even harder for children. This is a cause that will never cease to be needed and supported.”
Steve Morganstern
Bicycle Ranch
“Both of my children have many chronic illnesses and I recognize how important Tu Nidito is for our community. I am passionate to help serve in this mission.”
Lisa Owens-Sredzinski
Berwick Insurance
“I am proud of the profound work Tu Nidito does to help our community and ensure that no child grieves alone.”
Derrick Polder
The Polder Group/Summit Funding
“As a nurse, I often experience tragedy as part of my job. Tu Nidito helps me to be a part of the healing process after many of these tragedies.”
Melissa Ritchey
Children’s Clinic
“When I was 16 my mom died from breast cancer, so I had an immediate connection to Tu Nidito’s mission. I love that I can help people and believe passionately in the mission.”
Laurel Rokowski
Community Volunteer
"As a ten-year volunteer at Tu Nidito, I've seen firsthand what a difference Tu Nidito makes in the lives of children and families. It's truly an honor to serve."
Andy Townsend
Elvira Elementary School Principal
“I've returned after 11 years where I was involved in many capacities. Tu Nidito’s purpose is where my heart is."
Angelica Weber
Myovant Sciences

Honorary Lifetime Members

Marianna Cacciatore

Jannie Cox

Richard DeBernardis 

Brandt Hazen

Jim Murphy

Ginny Clements 

Honoring Alice Belmonte

Honoring Ron MacBain