What is the Arizona State Tax Credit?

Consult your tax professional today or read the law here.

Tu Nidito QCO Code: 20617

EIN: 86-0769031

With the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can invest your tax dollars into our community and support grieving children at no cost!

If you file taxes in the state of Arizona, up to $470 per person ($938 if filing jointly as a couple) can be directly deducted, dollar-for-dollar, from the state taxes you owe. Or you can receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on your refund. Many people like the tax credit because it allows you to keep your tax dollars local. By designating (or donating) your tax dollars to Tu Nidito you ensure that children and teens in our community impacted by the diagnosis of a serious medical condition or the death of a loved one have a safe place to heal.

Of course! There are actually a few different tax credit programs that you can take advantage of, including:

  • Qualified Charitable Organization – by donating to Tu Nidito
  • Qualified Foster Care Charitable Organization 
  • Public or Private Schools

Each have different requirements and donation limits. Please consult your tax professional with questions. 

If you make your gift on or before April 15 you may apply them to the prior year’s state taxes. (Consult your tax professional!)

You do not have to itemize this donation.

For single taxpayers, the maximum credit is $470. For married taxpayers, filing jointly, the maximum credit is $938.

The Arizona Tax Credit is easy to claim on your taxes. You can learn more here and complete a Form 321 as needed. We recommend that you consult your tax professional with any specific questions. Tu Nidito’s EIN is 86-0769031 and our QCO Code is 20617.