Tu Nidito Staff

Tu Nidito’s mission and vision are moved forward by an inspired and passionate team that is dedicated to upholding the organization’s values:

  • We care.
  • We respond.
  • We make a difference.

Liz McCusker, Executive Director 

[email protected]

520-322-9155, 7008

Linda Hardy, Executive Program Director 

[email protected]

520-322-9155, 7004

Brigid Frasquillo, MS, Director of Program Impact 

[email protected]

520-322-9155, 7006

Amanda Marks, MSW, Community Impact Director

[email protected]

520-322-9155, 7007

Meredith Villaseñor, Events and Communications Coordinator

[email protected]

520-322-9155, 7013

Kristin Harrison, Support Specialist 

[email protected]

520-322-9155, 7005

Serena Sahajian, Support Specialist 

[email protected]

520-322-9155, 7012

Amerika McDaniel, Support Specialist

[email protected]  

520-322-9155, 7011