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When someone is diagnosed with a serious medical condition, the entire family grieves; often for the loss of health, the life they had planned, and all that comes along with an illness. Tu Nidito provides both group and individual support to meet the unique needs of each family member through a serious medical condition diagnosis. 

Professional services help to:

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For information about any of these programs, please complete the referral form or contact Tu Nidito at (520) 322-9155 or [email protected]

If you are a medical professional, teacher, pastor, therapist, counselor, etc., wishing to make a referral for a family experiencing a serious medical diagnosis of a child or caregiver, please complete our professional referral form.

When a child is diagnosed with a serious medical condition…

Individual Support

Individual Support is offered for children diagnosed with a serious medical condition, ages birth – 18, and their families. Professional support staff assist families to cope with the diagnosis, treatments and changes in family dynamics as a result of the condition. Sessions are provided at Tu Nidito, the hospital, the family's home, or other locations in the community. Specialized curriculum helps each family member integrate coping tools, understand emotions, and foster new ways to communicate.

When an adult is diagnosed with a serious medical condition…

Group Support

Group Support is available for children and teens who have a parent or caregiver in their life who has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition. Groups provide a safe place to process the changes in each family member’s life due to the medical condition using guided discussions and peer-to-peer interaction. While children and teens are receiving support, the diagnosed adult and their partner attend their own support group. This empowers them to share their challenges and learn ways to best support their children.

All services are provided free of charge in both English and Spanish, thanks to the generosity of Tu Nidito’s supporters.

Contact Tu Nidito for more information. Pre-registration is required for all programs.