Lesser Known Resources

Lesser Known Resources

Tu Nidito Services You May Not Know About

Tu Nidito provides one-on-one and group support programs for children and families grieving the death of a loved one or a serious medical diagnosis, but did you know that we have several additional programs too? Together, this array of services help ensure that no child grieves alone in Southern Arizona. To learn more about each of these offerings, reach out to us by email ([email protected]), online or by calling 520-322-9155.

Community Library

The Tu Nidito Community Library is a free resource available to anyone in our community! We have hundreds of grief-specific books in English and Spanish. The collection covers a range of topics and types of losses, and is organized by audience. Whether you’re looking for a book that explains a serious medical diagnosis to a child, or equips an adult with coping skills following a death loss, the Community Library has something for you!

Reach out today to schedule a time to check out a book in person. Our staff team is happy to help you find the right book for your unique needs.


Grief Tip Brochure

The Childhood Grief brochure was developed by Tu Nidito in 2021 with support from TMC Foundation. It includes helpful tips for supporting children grieving a serious medical condition or the death of a loved one. In practical ways, this resource answers the questions, “What are common characteristics of grief?” and “How can I help a child navigate their grief?”

If you, your family, or your staff team might find this brochure useful, contact us to pick up a bundle or have one mailed to you.

Referral Resources

At Tu Nidito, we recognize that we aren’t the only organization in Southern Arizona providing valuable tools and resources to the community! That is why we provide referral services by phone to anyone seeking:

  • General information about the grief process
  • Details about Tu Nidito’s grief support programs
  • Support resources outside Tu Nidito
  • Contacts for local counselors, therapists and more

Experienced professionals on staff are available to answer inquiries regarding grief and loss of any kind. Calls are answered promptly or returned within 24 business hours.

Grief Education

Tu Nidito’s Grief Education Workshop is for schools and community agencies who desire education regarding how best to support the social-emotional needs of children and teens as they navigate life’s many losses and changes, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Grief support, not just bereavement support, is needed now more than ever. This workshop is designed to provide tips and resources to help adults who work closely with the youth in our community learn how to be present and supportive to grieving children and teens. It is available in either on-site or via video conferencing.


Tu Nidito’s Grief Education sessions can be scheduled online or by contacting Tu Nidito at 520-322-9155.

As a reminder, we have several resources available here on our website, including a digital resource library with reading recommendations and relevant articles. Also, the Tu Nidito Blog is home to monthly program updates and educational materials.

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