Resources for Volunteers

Tu Nidito strives to provide high quality programming with effective volunteer support. Tu Nidito regularly provides volunteers with ongoing training so that they are equipped with the knowledge and resources to best support grieving children and families.

Brene Brown on Empathy:   

At Tu Nidito, we talk about meeting the families “where they’re at” and trusting the process of our groups. We don’t push families to meet our expectations – we respect where they are and know that we are here to create a space that will allow them to move forward at their own pace. How does empathy enable you to meet the families of Tu Nidito where they are in their experiences and allow you to trust the process of a support group? 

Growing Around Grief:

Tonkin’s Growing Around Grief Model demonstrates that grief doesn’t simply shrink over time, rather we expand and grow around our grief.


10 Ways to Build and Preserve Better Boundaries:

Grievers Helping Grievers: A Few Considerations:  

What are your thoughts on the connections between self-care and boundaries? How does implementing good boundaries ultimately allow to practice good self-care?