Directing Your AZ Tax Credits


Did you know that you can direct your Arizona tax dollars to organizations like Tu Nidito?

Tu Nidito is a qualifying charitable organization, meaning the money you would otherwise pay in state taxes can benefit grieving children right here in Southern Arizona. That’s right! By donating to Tu Nidito, you may be able to reduce, dollar-for-dollar, what you pay in Arizona State income tax or increase your refund. Keep your tax dollars local by giving to qualifying charitable organizations whose missions are personally meaningful to you! Couples who file jointly can receive up to $800 back on their state taxes; individuals can claim up to $400.

A gift to Tu Nidito ensures your tax dollars are hard at work providing a safe place for grieving children to heal.  Choose to invest your tax dollars in our local community to help ensure that no child grieves alone. Here are some examples of what your gift can do:

  • $400 will provide an entire year of group support for a child who is grieving the death of a loved one.
  • $800 provides 3 months of one-on-one support to a family whose child has a serious medical condition. Services are provided by a Tu Nidito support specialist for parents, the diagnosed child, and any siblings.

Need more information? Visit the Arizona Department of Revenue  or consult a tax professional.

Tu Nidito Tax ID: 86-0769031. Qualifying Charitable Organization Code: 20617.

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