Planned giving is a way to leave a legacy of comfort, hope and support for our communities grieving children and families well into the future.

Thank you for considering a planned gift to Tu Nidito! Planned gifts are a thoughtful way of ensuring future generations of children in Southern Arizona have support as they navigate grief relating to a loved one’s death or serious medical diagnosis. Because individual circumstances differ, we encourage donors to seek advice from their own legal and financial advisors. If you wish to discuss planned giving opportunities, including any of the options below, please contact Debbie Rich, Development Director, at (520) 322-9155 or by email at [email protected].

Charitable Bequests

Charitable bequests are one of the most common types of planned gifts and one of the easiest ways to make a long-lasting impact on Tu Nidito’s mission. With a bequest, you can designate a percentage of your will or living trust, so that your gift will remain proportionate to the size of your estate, or you can give a certain amount of cash, securities or property.

We deeply appreciate those who remember Tu Nidito in their gift planning. If you have been so generous as to include a bequest to Tu Nidito as part of your estate plan, please take the time to let us know by completing this form. We would like to recognize your generosity and honor your wishes for your gift.

Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement plan assets, such as your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other tax-deferred plan, can be an ideal gifting vehicle to consider if you wish to include a charitable organization in your estate plan. Retirement plan assets are subject to income taxes, which can deplete a portion of your hard-earned savings, leaving less for heirs. By naming a tax-exempt organization like Tu Nidito as a beneficiary of all, or a portion of your retirement plan, the full value of your assets can make a difference in the lives of grieving children and their families.

To leave your retirement assets to Tu Nidito, you will need to complete a beneficiary designation form provided by your retirement plan custodian. Please let us know if you have included Tu Nidito as a beneficiary of your retirement assets so we can thank you for your gift!

Tu Nidito Endowment

The Tu Nidito Endowment is a fund of restricted money that provides Tu Nidito with ongoing support. Once an endowment grows large enough in size, Tu Nidito can use the interest gains towards annual operating expenses. The Tu Nidito Endowment was founded in 2016, thanks to an anonymous donor, and is held at the Jewish Community Foundation. Planned gifts can be directed to Tu Nidito’s Endowment Fund, further ensuring that well into the future, no child will grieve alone. Please let us know if you have included a planned gift to Tu Nidito’s Endowment in your estate plan so that we can thank you for your generosity.

Life Insurance

You can name Tu Nidito as a beneficiary of your life insurance, by designating Tu Nidito as the beneficiary of your policy’s death benefit. To complete your life insurance gift to Tu Nidito, contact your insurance company or agent and request and complete a beneficiary designation form. Please don’t forget to let Tu Nidito know about your plans so that we can thank you during your lifetime!

Gift Planning Information

Tu Nidito’s Federal Identification Number: 86-0769031

Legal Name and Address:
Tu Nidito Children and Family Services
3922 N Mountain Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85719

Debbie Rich, Director of Development
[email protected]