Make a will, make a way

There’s an old saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” — and that’s certainly true for you! August is National Make-A-Will Month, and I encourage you to make your own will and your
own way with a free estate planning tool, courtesy of FreeWill

If you wish to discuss planned giving opportunities, including any of the options below, please contact Meghan Reinold, Director of Development, at (520) 322-9155 or by email at [email protected].

A new way to care for your loved ones

Will writing has traditionally been an expensive and overwhelming process, which is why we decided to partner with our friends at FreeWill: a group of 200+ nonprofit professionals, lawyers, designers, and engineers committed to making estate planning more accessible for all.

To help you get started on your plans and legacy, you can use FreeWill, an online tool that guides you through the process of creating a legally valid will or trust. It’s easy to use, accessible online and can be completed in 20 minutes. You can use  this resource  on its own, or use it to document your wishes before finalizing your plans with an attorney.

We understand deeply that grief does not become smaller or go away over time, but rather we grow and our lives expand around it. In the spirit of enabling our community to continue moving through this journey, I hope this resource brings you ease in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

Have you already included a gift in your will or trust?  Please fill out this form to let us know!  We would love to thank you for your generosity.

Non-probate assets

Do you have an IRA, 401(k), life-insurance policy, or any other assets not included in your will? If so, these are called non-probate assets and you must plan your beneficiaries for them separately. Use this online tool to make your plans and designate us as a beneficiary of one or more of these assets.

Tu Nidito Endowment

The Tu Nidito Endowment is a fund of restricted money that provides Tu Nidito with ongoing support. Once an endowment grows large enough in size, Tu Nidito can use the interest gains towards annual operating expenses. The Tu Nidito Endowment was founded in 2016, thanks to an anonymous donor, and is held at the Jewish Community Foundation. Planned gifts can be directed to Tu Nidito’s Endowment Fund, further ensuring that well into the future, no child will grieve alone. Please let us know if you have included a planned gift to Tu Nidito’s Endowment in your estate plan so that we can thank you for your generosity.

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